Online Imaging Details

If you have a current Noosa Radiology Connect account, you can access our digital imaging in a number of ways. To apply for an account click here. If you would like us to set up a practice, simply complete the application form.

Noosa Radiology Connect

Noosa Radiology Connect is the fastest way to access patient images and reports. It works with jpeg images making download times faster. Reports and images can be viewed from any web-enabled device such as PC, MAC, mobile phone and tablets through an easy-to-use and secure web portal. Click here to login to Noosa Radiology Connect.

Noosa Radiology Inteleviewer

InteleViewer is an add on feature of Noosa Radiology Connect. This software enables referrers to review images in more depth. DICOM viewing software will have to be installed to use this feature. Install software and bookmark;


If there are any problems, our team is more than happy to help, we can also use Team Viewer to assist remotely if required.